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Your Outdoor Lifestyle - Backyard Children's Party

A backyard is a perfect & safe setting for a kids party

There are a number of things you can do to throw a fun children's party in your back yard:

  1. Have a summer barbecue or birthday party, with activities focused around the barbecue or using the open lawn area for various sporting activities.

  2. Host a pool party (if you have one) or a splash party (if you don't) with a beach theme. Garden hoses, sprinklers, "ghetto waterslides", buckets of water and water guns will be just as great. The kids can have fund splashing around, making a big watery mess in the backyard without a care! Add Hawaiian or Tropical decorations and music, and let guests dress in grass skirts.

  3. Make the kids' sleepover party an urban camping experience, with tents pitched in the yard. Combine that with a stargazing party by adding a telescope guided by a knowledgeable adult (you can read up on the stars and constellations at the library or on the internet).

Some great entertainment ideas include putting up a bounce or jumping castle; popcorn makers, spinning or serving cotton candy, having a slush machine; a hotdog stand, and various games with prizes to win.

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